Miguel Atkins

About Me

Hi, I'm Miguel.

I've always wondered where I'd end up in life. Will I be happy? Will I be successful? Will I make an impact?

Then one day I thought to myself and realized I needed to stop thinking and DO! So I took a leap of faith and enrolled in one of the top advertising and marketing graduate programs in the country.




Currently, I'm practicing the skills I've developed to help clients (both live and fictional) with challenges they face. 

I make it my mission to dive deep in research when it comes to everything I do. From planning vacations and planning what to eat, to simple activities like going to the movies, there's always research involved that I have to do before I take action. Some of my friends view this as slightly annoying, but I'd like to think that all the trips we go on and activities we do are successful and fun because of... you guessed it, me!

When I'm not collaborating in groups solving brand's issues, you can more than likely find me planning my next trip, on Instagram showing off my latest meal from a local restaurant here in Richmond or at karaoke every Thursday night with friends who don't judge my non-existent singing talent.