Miguel Atkins


Adobe: Live Client

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The Company:

Adobe is widely known across the globe as the top creative software on the market. With their vast array of products, Adobe has everything you need from creativity and design to marketing and analytics. "Only Adobe gives everyone -- from emerging artists to global brands -- everything they need to design and deliver great experiences."

The Ask:

Discover a way that allows Adobe to deepen the connection with their enterprise clients by gaining global insights on Creative Leaders. 

The Business Problem:

Although Adobe is the market leader in the creative software industry, companies like Sketch and InVision are starting to challenge Adobe's market share.

What we did:

Interviewed approximately 50+ creative leaders and found:

  • They aren't fully immersed in the software and aren't using it on a daily basis

  • They are overseeing and managing the creative work, but create very little themselves

  • They have little to no interaction with Adobe

  • They purchase software when lower level employees push for it

Re-evaluation of the ask:

After interviewing the people that Adobe wanted us to, we realized that in order to deepen relationships they needed to shift focus from the creative leaders and instead focus on the people who actually are using the software, the creators.

The Target: Creators

We took a look into who these people are, what their work space looks likes, what their work schedule is like, what they're listening to on Spotify, and tabs they have open on their desktop.

Key Takeaways:

After interviewing creators, we learned the following:

  • They use Adobe Creative Cloud everyday

  • They were mainly self-taught and perfected their skills over the years

  • Adobe is a necessity for them

  • Adobe makes their work better and more professional

They also said..

The Insight:

Creators don't have an emotional connection with Adobe and only see it as utilitarian.

The Strategy:

Humanize Adobe's brand identity and personality to connect with its users.

We realized that before we could deepen relationships, we first had to personify Adobe's identity and personality in order to give them a voice that has significance in the creative space and establishes a personal connection at every touch point with their users.

Putting it into Action:

We created a brand archetype that allows Adobe to have a clear identity. 

Manifesto: "Challenge Possible"

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We launched Adobe's revitalized identity through a new campaign: Challenge Possible


We wanted Adobe to connect with users in a physical form, so we put them where you'd least expect.

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Why This Works:

  • Establishing an easily identifiable brand identity is the first step towards Adobe deepening connections with their enterprise clients

  • Targeting creators allows for Adobe to transform their users into brand advocates within their enterprises

  • Forming deeper connections with users will give Adobe the opportunity to maintain their market share among smaller competitors

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