Miguel Atkins



Before MAIP

If you’re a minority and want to get into the advertising industry, MAIP is a great program for you to consider. If you’re like me, having no experience can have you feeling hopeless about your future and make it difficult for you to get your first job. Through MAIP, I received the opportunity of working for one of the best agencies in NYC, Droga5. I decided to apply for MAIP in 2018, after my first year of graduate school. Unfortunately, I heard about MAIP a little late in that fall semester and said to myself that I couldn’t put a video application together, so I didn’t apply. That following summer, as my peers were going to their internships, I sat in Richmond, Virginia thinking why couldn’t I get an internship, what’s wrong with me. Luckily, I snapped out of that mindset within a few weeks and started to explore Richmond for all that it had to offer. Once summer was over, I realized getting into the industry may be harder than I thought. In order to set myself up for success, I learned how to put together a video application and applied for MAIP. Fast forward to today, I’m interning at Droga5 as an Account Manager, an opportunity that may have otherwise not been reality if it wasn’t for MAIP.

During MAIP

As a graduate student in the MAIP program, you see things a little differently. Coming in, I thought that I pretty much new everything I needed to know and that I’ve heard everything that panelists had to say. While I have been to tons of networking events and heard from many panels, I realized that there’s still things that I can learn from. While in the program, I get to attend MAIP labs which are a beneficial part because they allow me to visit agencies and network with a lot of talented people in the industry. One thing that I am looking forward to the most is The Face of Talent event at the end of the program. This will give many of us the opportunity of networking with some great agencies and possibly landing full-time jobs!