Miguel Atkins


Pay Your Tuition Funds: Live Client

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The Company:

Pay Your Tuition Funds (PYT) is a D.C. fin-tech startup that focuses on providing students with the opportunity to utilize crowdfunding to reduce the burden of student loan debt. PYT also helps students obtain funding by vouching for them, minimizing risk for their banking partners. PYT is considered a disruptor to the finance industry and is an innovative solution to the country's student loan crisis.

The Ask:

Help establish a brand identity for Pay Your Tuition that attracts students and garners interest from banks.

The Business Problem:

Pay Your Tuition does not have a consistent brand image and college students are not fully clear on what the brand can do for them.

Research Methodology:

We decided to divide our approach at defining PYT's brand identity into three areas:

The Brand

  • Social media audits

  • Interviews with CEO and employees

The Consumer

  • Conducted one-on-one interviews with past and current students

  • Survey for college students who've used financial aid

Banking Partners

  • Interviews with current banking partners

Key Takeaway:

Banking Partners are hopeful about the brand but, students are confused during the process.

The Opportunity:

Increase clarity and visibility of the brand in order to effectively engage with educational leaders, prospective financial partners, and promising students.

The Solution:

Propose a new communication and branding strategy to the client that will help them create a more consistent brand identity.

What We Did:

1. Created a new brand purpose that is clear, concise, and less technical

2. Introduced values that humanizes the brand and resonates with students and banks

3. Created a brand manifesto that helps communicate and connect with prospective students

4. Developed a style guide for PYT to use across all channels to keep their look consistent. The style guide includes: font, color, and logo options as well as instances on when to use them

5. Developed a plan on how to reach students via social media as well as a new website design template

6. Created a leave behind for PYT to give to potential banking and investment partners 

e: atkinsmd5@gmail.com p: (757) 218-8111